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C++ Programming


This 1-week course continues the development of programming and problem-solving skills, focusing on the C++ programming language, object-oriented programming and design (OOP/OOD), and improved programming practices.   Daily classes will be divided between lecture and hands-on programming exercises.
Topics include: An introduction to the C++ programming language including string and vectors, encapsulation and information hiding, inheritance and polymorphism, exceptions and templates.


  • Basic OOD/OOP concepts
  • User input/output
  • Using String and Vector classes
  • Defining classes and encapsulation
  • Accessor, mutators and other member functions
  • Non-member functions and function overloading
  • Operator Overloading
  • Default constructors and alternate constructors
  • Code reuse through aggregation
  • Inheritance and function overriding
  • Polymorphism through dynamic binding
  • Generic coding with templates
  • Exception Handling
  • Assignment operators, copy constructor and destructor


Students who enroll in this course should have completed our “Intermediate C Programming” course or have a good working knowledge of the C programming language.


5 days (10 day option also available)

Course Outline

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