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Applied Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Business success in the information age is predicated on the ability of organizations to convert raw data coming from various sources into high-grade business information. To stay competitive, organizations have started adopting new approaches to data processing and analysis.  For example, data scientists are turning to Apache Spark for processing massive amounts of data using […]

Big Data Analytics

Data Analysis with SAS

This objective of this course is to provide students with a strong foundation in fundamental concepts of statistics that are both theoretical and applied. The course will teach enough statistical theory so that students can become educated consumers of analytical methodology, with an emphasis on application of these techniques to reach sound conclusions from real-world […]

Big Data Analytics

Data Science for Solution Architects

Business success of organizations in the information age largely depends on their ability to cost-effectively convert massive amounts of raw data coming from various sources into high-grade business information. In many organizations, Solution Architects are called upon to provide the much needed “data-to-information” conversion solutions. This class aims at helping Solution Architects and other IT […]

Big Data Analytics

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