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Earn while you learn.

What is an apprenticeship?

The Cyber Apprenticeship is a one year program which combines on-the-job experience (provided by an employer) with related technical instruction (provided by UMBC Training Centers). Apprenticeships allow candidates to earn while they learn and provide employers with entry level technical talent to fill in-demand cybersecurity roles.

To be accepted into the Cyber Apprenticeship program, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements stated below and must be hired by an employer partner based on their current qualifications and long term potential. While the demand for new talent in cyber is significant, the Cyber Apprenticeship is highly competitive and favors candidates with previous experience in information technology and those who can demonstrate their capability and passion for the discipline through their previous experience, education and training and in interviews.


To be eligible for our Cyber Apprenticeship program, candidates must meet one of the following criteria:
  • Practical experience in the field of Information Technology
  • CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certification
  • A 2-year or 4-year degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or Cybersecurity; or equivalent coursework
  • Successful completion of the Cyber Foundations pre-apprenticeship program at UMBC Training Centers or a comparable program at another institution

Prior to applying for an apprenticeship position, candidates are expected to have foundational knowledge of computer hardware and operating systems, TCP/IP and networking and information assurance.

Technical Instruction

The related technical instruction provided during the apprenticeship covers the following courses:

Linux Operating System Essentials and Administration 

Network and Packet Analysis

Defensive Cybersecurity Operations 

Introduction to System Automation and Programming 

Network Penetration Testing Methodology

Fundamentals of Windows: PowerShell


Apprenticeship Timeline

  1. Complete pre-apprenticeship training Cyber Foundations or have commensurate experience, education, and/or certifications.
  2. Apply for Apprenticeship
  3. Qualified applicants are presented to employers
  4. Attend interviews for apprenticeship positions with employers
  5. Complete on-the-job training with your employer and Related Technical Instruction with UMBC Training Centers
  6. Graduate the program with up to 2000 hours of on-the-job experience, industry certifications, and a Certificate for the Certified Cybersecurity Analyst Program


Applicants who are accepted into the Cyber Apprenticeship program will be paid increasing wages based on a graduated scale as they progress through the program. Wages will vary based on the employer and the position obtained. The cost of the related technical instruction component is $10,995.00, which is the responsibility of the apprentice, unless the cost is offset by their employer. Apprentices may be eligible for grant funding, as well, to help offset the cost of the program.

Getting Started

If you meet the eligibility criteria stated above, you may submit your information to be included in the apprenticeship candidate pool, which is shared with employer partners. By submitting your information, you are agreeing to share this information and to receive information about the Cyber Apprenticeship Program, the Certified Cybersecurity Analyst Program and opportunities to connect with employer partners.

Click HERE to submit your information to be included in the apprenticeship candidate pool.

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