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Certified Cybersecurity Analyst Program APPRENTICESHIP


What is a registered apprenticeship?
Registered apprenticeships are jobs where you “earn and learn.” While working on the job, you receive one-on-one, full-time training from a skilled craftsperson as well as related classroom instruction. An apprentice is “sponsored” by an employer or association and is paid according to a progressive pay scale. When you complete registered apprenticeship training, you are on a pathway to a career.

Who runs the apprenticeship?
The CCAP apprenticeship is sponsored and managed by UMBC Training Centers.  It has been approved by the Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning (DLLR). Various employers will participate in the program.


What are the pre-apprenticeship requirements?
In order to qualify for the CCAP Apprenticeship program, applicants must be 18 years of age, able to pass a background check, have a high school diploma, and have one of the following: (1) successfully complete the Certificate in Cyber Foundations, (2) have graduated from a 4-year degree program in computer science, cybersecurity, or similar discipline, or (3) hold a Security+ and additional experience or IT certifications.

What will I learn and experience during the apprenticeship?
The CCAP Apprenticeship program is a one-year program that involves full-time IT security on-the-job training (OJT) with an employer sponsor and cybersecurity education/ training through the CCAP completion program at UMBC Training Centers.  For more information about CCAP please see our course description.

How do I apply?
Once you meet the pre-apprenticeship requirements, please speak with your admissions adviser to receive an application form and schedule interview dates.  Apprentices may also use their own employer connections.

What happens if I don’t get in right away or my employer drops me during the program?
If you don’t get picked up by an employer, you may still attend the education component of the apprenticeship program and start with an employer at any point during the process.  However, in order to graduate as an apprentice you must have both the education and OJT components met.  If you don’t complete your OJT hours you can graduate with CCAP certificate and/or apply for an extension.

What happens if due to circumstances I need to take a break during the program?
You may take breaks from the education track between certificates, but not during your training.  You may put in your notice with employers at any time; however, there maybe financial penalties depending on your apprenticeship’s employer contract.  Extension for the program are granted on case-by-case scenario.

If I drop from the apprenticeship program, do I still get my CCAP certificates and industry certifications?
Yes, you can graduate from CCAP without completing the apprenticeship program.

What are the benefits of being a registered apprentice?
You will earn a wage, gain job experience, and have a foot in the door with your employer before graduating the program.  There are also additional funds available to offset tuition.

What do I get paid as a registered apprentice?
As a Registered Apprentice, you are paid on a progressive wage scale. The more experience and training you gain as an apprentice, the more pay you will receive. The standard is 60% of the entry level salary to start.  The apprentice offer is set between the employer and the apprentice.

How much will the education portion of the apprenticeship cost?
The cost of the education portion of the apprenticeship is the student discount price of $10,995.  However, the large majority of students will be supplemented with grants and scholarships that greatly reduce the cost.  Any amount up to the remaining balance may be supplemented by the employer.

Who do I contact for more information?
For more information please speak with your Admissions Advisor.

Other Career Services

Other components of our career services include:

  • Career workshops, resume support, employer panels, interview days, alumni networking and support, guest speakers, and more. Our objective is to ensure that our graduates are well positioned to obtain employment (internship or full time) upon completion of the program.
  • Veterans’ Services – Veterans and service-members transitioning to a career in cybersecurity may be eligible for additional external services and programs. Please contact an Admissions Advisor to ask about special programs and scholarships.

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