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Clinical Coordinator in General (Abdomen-Ext/OB-GYN) Specialty

Title: Clinical Coordinator in General (Abdomen-Ext/OB-GYN) Specialty
Department: Center for Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Reports to: Program Director of the Center for Diagnostic Medical Sonography

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Job Description

Full-time (32 hours), permanent, year-round position responsible for coordinating effective clinical rotations for students in the specialty track and co-teaching the Abdomen-Ext/OB-GYN Sonography scan lab curriculum of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. Performs the duties of Clinical Coordinator. Reports to the Program Director of the UMBC DMSP.

Core Job Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and determine Abdomen-Ext/OB-GYN clinical rotation schedule.
  • Coordinate and prepare pre-clinical paperwork/documentation.
  • Visit Abdomen-Ext/OB-GYN clinical sites routinely.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of clinical education for each student at clinical site visits, by speaking with them, speaking with the clinical instructors, observing the student scan a patient and reviewing studies previously completed by the student.
  • Maintain written and verbal communication with clinical sites regarding student performance.
  • Report any student issues pertaining to clinical rotations to the Program Director.
  • Provide clinical hands-on instruction in the scan lab to all students in the first summer session and to Abdomen-Ext/OB-GYN students year-round.
  • Use Moodle and Trajecsys effectively.
  • Provide year-round counseling to students relating to scan lab instruction.
  • Make any necessary revisions to the Abdomen-Ext/OB-GYN scan lab curriculum per NEC and CAAHEP guidelines.
  • Develop and revise scan lab exams and scan lab competencies, and administer to students.
  • Teach Abdomen-Ext/OB-GYN clinical skills in the scan lab.
  • Administer scan lab assessments.
  • Maintain and report grades for all sessions.
  • Report any student issues to Program Director.
  • Maintain contact information for all clinical sites, advisory committee members and affiliates.
  • Monitor supply needs of scan lab.
  • Assist with admissions and interview process of prospective students.
  • Participate in all information sessions and annual orientation of new students.
  • Participate in graduation ceremony and other program events.
  • Assist with sonography program self-study for re-accreditation
  • Assist with any other duties assigned by Program Director.
  • Assist with the acquisition of new clinical sites.
  • Maintain continuing accreditation documentation, surveys and reports.
  • File and maintain mandatory paperwork required by program.

Required Skills, Abilities, & Qualifications:

  • ARDMS or CCI credential in the appropriate specialty (RDMS OB and RDMS AB) with active status. Additional appropriate specialty credentials preferred (BR, FE, PS).
  • Previous teaching/clinical instructorship experience preferred.
  • Possess excellent computer skills
  • Three to five years minimum full-time clinical experience preferred. Experience must be in Abdomen-Ext/OB-GYN. Additional training/experience preferred (Pediatric, Breast, MSK etc.)
  • Minimum A.S. /A.A. degree. B.S. /B.A. degree preferred.
  • Ability to display competence and share clinical skills with students.
  • Professional development skills required: be a member of professional organizations and maintain CME’s.
Location: UMBC Training Centers
6996 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 100
Columbia, MD 21046
Contact: If you are interested, please send your qualifications, experience, and availability to jobs@umbctraining.com.

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