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Windows Internals and Command Line


Windows Internals and Command Line prepares students to use the Windows Operating System using the Command Line Interface (CLI).  By emphasizing the CLI, the course prepares students to automate tasks through scripting or using a remote administration tool without a Graphical User Interface (GUI). 

Windows Internals and Command Line introduces students to the CLI, file systems, networking, and manipulating the Windows registry to prompt programs to start automatically when a user logs on.  With most tasks completed in the CLI, students will be prepared to create scripts to perform many of the functions introduced.  Many of the topics are presented with a focus on the security impact of the feature or behavior of Windows.

Topics covered include:
  • Boot Process
  • CLI
  • File Systems
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Networking


Upon completing this course, students will be able to: understand some features of the Windows operating system and how they can be used by administrators to manipulate local and remote systems, and how hackers can employ the same features to gain or maintain unauthorized access to a system.  Students will be equipped to perform routine administrative tasks that demonstrate this understanding.

This training prepares individuals for the following positions: Windows administrator, Windows support technician, help desk technician.


This course is suitable for: an entry-level Windows administrator, Windows support technician, help desk technician, security officer, security professional, site administrator, or individual concerned about the integrity of the Windows clients and servers in their charge.


Students taking this course should have the following skills: familiarity with basic computing and operating system concepts, such as the constitution of a network, and some knowledge of authentication and related permissions.

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