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Search UMBC Training Centers


How much is it to take a course?
The tuition for each Open Enrollment class can be found at the bottom of the course page. If you do not see this information on the course page, it is likely that the course you have selected is reserved for organizational training only. Get in touch with us for more information.

Why isn’t the course I’m interested in listed on the class schedule?
Training Centers provides training for individuals and reserves other training types for group or organization training. It’s likely that the course you are interested in is only available for groups.

Where do your classes take place?
The majority of our classes take place at our primary training center in Columbia, Maryland. We also deliver training at our other Maryland locations, customer facilities, and online. The location for a specific class can be found on the class schedule listing, as well as the course description page.

What is Live Online training?
Classes marked Live Online have the same content and expert instructors as our classroom training, but are delivered entirely online through our virtual classroom environment. Each class session is live, and led by an Instructor. You can find out more about Live Online training here.

How much time should I dedicate to studying outside of the classroom?
Typically, the majority of the work you’re expected to do will take place in the classroom; however, we believe that “who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today”. The more you put into our courses, the more you will get out of them.

Do you have career services for students who complete your program?
At this time, UMBC Training Centers does not assist students with career services. We do have some resources we recommend, which you can find here.

What types of materials are provided?
Students are provided with all materials necessary to successfully complete the course. In some instances, they’re also provided with a voucher for relevant course examinations.


What expenses are not covered by tuition?
Most of our classes include course materials, with many of our IT and Cybersecurity also including examination fees as part of tuition. Be sure to look carefully at each class description for more details – additional fees are normally noted.

Will I receive a UMBC Student ID?
Training Center students will not receive a university ID. Students of Training Centers are not registered with the university and do not have the ability to use UMBC resources or facilities.


Can I rent your space for an event?
Absolutely. Our Columbia facility is a great place to host meetings and events. We have 15 labs and 3 classrooms that are available for rentals when classes aren’t in session. You can find more information about rentals here.

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