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UMBC Training Centers’ Live Online instructor-led classes deliver a classroom experience to the home or workplace, eliminating the time and expense of travel, and allowing us to continue to provide training during the COVID-19 health crisis. Students benefit from an active learning environment in Zoom, with the ability to interact with instructors and other participants.

Live Online instructor-led classes are also an effective option for training groups of employees across multiple locations.

Benefits of Live Online Instructor-led Training:

  • We provide the same content and expert instructors as our classroom training.
  • Eliminate travel time and costs.
  • Convenient scheduling – we offer a range of options for daytime, evening, and weekend training.

Our virtual classroom environment is comprised of two components:

  • Zoom – provides interactive live lecture capabilities. See system requirements here.
  • Virtual Hands-on Labs – for courses that include hands-on exercises, virtual machines will be setup for each student, providing them with a way to reinforce their learning through practical application in class as well as after hours. Virtual labs are available to students to practice 24/7.
System Requirements:
  • High Speed Internet Connection (5 Mbps both directions minimum)
  • Latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Remote Desktop client software (standard on Windows; available on OS X and Linux)
  • Headset or Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Webcam (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

On March 14, 2020, we officially made a transition to Live Online training for all April and May courses, and have been working to help answer all of your questions about how this affects your educational journey with us. To help provide more insight we have compiled some of the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers below to provide you with a better understanding of our virtual training environment.

Which classes can I attend virtually? 
Currently, our entire open enrollment schedule is available for live online. Looking for a course that isn’t listed? Email info@umbctraining.com to request it!

Is this the first time you have run virtual classes? 
We have been running virtual training classes since 2013 for clients around the world. Our instructors are experienced in their industries and equipped to teach remotely. In this challenging time, we were well prepared to transition to a totally virtual environment.

What platform do you use for your virtual classrooms? 
We use Zoom, but can also accommodate clients looking to take classes via other platforms such as Webex and Adobe Connect. To address security concerns with the Zoom platform, we host all classes with password-protected access links. Webinar-type setups microphones and cameras should be set to off, and are only controlled by our instructors or, with our Zoom-hosted webinars, UMBC Training Centers staff.

What if I have trouble learning in a virtual training environment? 
Virtual learning can be intimidating for students who have not experienced a virtual training environment before. We encourage you to try a live online class! The system is very user friendly and the courses are engaging. Once we are able to return to a classroom environment, we will be allowing any student to audit any course they took virtually in a classroom environment free of charge.

Do you have any tips for an effective learning experience? 
Absolutely! The reason many learners prefer in-person training is because they are physically separating themselves from their personal environment and are held accountable by the presence of an instructor. To provide the same perception of distancing while you are logging in from your home, we recommend:

  • Setting up your computer in a separate room with a locking door so you can provide distance between yourself and the rest of your family.
  • Not lying on a bed, couch or comfy chair with your computer on your lap or even a lap desk, it is just too tempting to nap. Here is a list of office improvisations if you don’t have a desk and office chair to use.
  • Using a site blocking app to prevent you from accessing social media or other tempting sites during your class. Freedom is a great app with a free 7-day trial.
  • Thinking twice about leaving your desk outside of a break. In-person classes have bathroom, stretch and lunch breaks and so do virtual classes. Typically, students only leave an in-person class during session if they really need to. It can be uncomfortable to walk in front of other students and the instructor to exit or enter a room, so students usually think twice about whether or not to do that so they typically are present for more learning time. Use the same thought process, when you want to leave your virtual class to get a cup of coffee, take a phone call or use the restroom and you will usually choose to wait for the break.

What if I have technical problems during my class? 
UMBC Training Centers has a full-time IT support team standing by to provide student support. If you have technical problems, you can always email techsupport@umbctraining.com for immediate help or call our main phone number at 443-692-6600.

What is Live Online training like?

Zoom Safety

Nearly every concern circulating in the media recently has been addressed by Zoom as of April 1, 2020 and is outlined in the “What we’ve done” section of the Zoom CEO’s blog post.

The list includes:

  • Leaking data to Facebook
  • UNC path security / exposing Windows passwords
  • Mac OSX local privilege escalations
  • Attendee tracking
  • A “misbehaving” MacOS installer (addressed on April 2)

Zoom has also updated/clarified their privacy policy and released a blog post clarify what they do (and don’t do) for encryption. As noted in the blog post linked above, Zoom also committed to freezing all new features and focusing their resources on security and privacy over the next 90 days. This focus may very well lead to them implementing end-to-end encryption in addition to other security and privacy enhancements.

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