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Creating and Presenting an Effective Business Case

Today’s economic environment demands that organizations use all resources to the utmost effectiveness in order to meet organizational goals. Often, however, professionals are ill-equipped to respond in ways that management understands. This workshop addresses that requirement. In this course students will learn to develop and deliver a business case for project initiatives, and to do […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Critical Thinking, Decision and Risk Analysis

This course provides an overview of decision and risk analysis techniques. It focuses on how to make rational decisions in the presence of uncertainty and conflicting objectives. Concepts will be illustrated through case studies and practiced by students through exercises. Class will also consider the “trade-space” of multiple criteria relevant to decisions. These can be […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Cybersecurity Fundamentals for ISSOs

The Cybersecurity Fundamentals course provides students with an overview of core information assurance (IA) and cybersecurity concepts.  The course will consist of lectures and hands-on labs for a multi-faceted learning experience.  This course will provide a good initial foundation for participants wanting to work in a corporate or government security role and ultimately pursue an […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Cybersecurity Operations for ISSOs

This course presents a real-world view of Enterprise Cybersecurity Operations. Topics covered include Network Traffic Analysis, Threat Detection, Penetration Testing, Incident Response, High Availability & Disaster Recovery, and Data Analytics for Cyber. Students will see demonstrations and get some hands-on exposure to each of these topics.

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Cybersecurity Risk Management and Compliance for ISSOs

This course focuses the student on a broad range of topics relative to risk-based planning and implementation for enterprise cybersecurity, looking at both internal and external threats. External threats will consider a variety of threat actors including nation states, terrorists, hactivists and criminals. Internal threats will focus on insider threat, exploring what insider threat means […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Decision and Risk Analysis

This course provides an overview of decision and risk analysis techniques. It focuses on how to make rational decisions in the presence of uncertainty and conflicting objectives. Concepts will be illustrated through case studies and practiced by students through exercises.

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Gathering and Documenting Requirements with Use-Cases

Learn best practices for gathering and documenting user requirements based on the use-case approach. Over the course of a case-study project, trainees gain experience facilitating requirements-gathering workshops and creating textual use-case documentation with supporting diagrams. The course covers what the Business Analyst needs to know to plan and execute each requirements gathering session as the […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Exam Preparation

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) certification is a highly sought after for those engineers seeking recognition for their education, experience, and knowledge in the highly competitive field of Systems Engineering. Whether you are going for a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) or an Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP),  you […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Information Systems Security for ISSOs

This course takes an operational approach to implementing and managing effective cybersecurity in highly networked enterprises. Topics include an evaluation of government and commercial security management models; security program development; risk assessment and mitigation; threat and vulnerability analysis and risk remediation; cybersecurity operations; incident handling; business continuity planning and disaster recovery; security policy formulation and […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

ISSO Certification Training Program

With the complexity and rate of change in modern information technologies and systems and the ever-increasing number of Cyber threats and attacks, the Information System Security Officer (ISSO) serves a critical role within Federal Government agencies. The ISSO must work with the Business, IT, and Security functions of the agency to ensure that Federal information […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Leadership, Management and Communication Skills for ISSOs

Strong Information Security requires the following from an organization: additional processes and documentation; more attention to detail; coordination of teams and individuals; increased scrutiny for everyone. People and organizations are inherently resistant to all of the aforementioned. The ISSO plays a key role in ensuring that system security is achieved despite this resistance. This course […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Modern Enterprise Architectures and Processes

A modern architect must navigate many technologies, systems, and interfaces. Enterprise architecture is an important enabler for strategic change. As organizations seek to become more agile and responsive, adopting a solid architectural approach is key. Taking advantage of new technologies and cleaning up legacy systems requires more than simply implementing a framework – it is […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

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