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Generative AI Engineering Training

Learn the basics of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), its applications, and the techniques used to develop and engineer these systems. This GenAI course teaches attendees how to build and evaluate Generative AI models for a variety of tasks such as text generation, image synthesis, and music composition. This Generative AI course gives you a comprehensive […]


AI Security, Compliance, and Explainability Training

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) course covers the essential principles of AI ethics, regulatory compliance, and the challenges of AI security. In this AI course, attendees learn AI’s role in various sectors, best practices for system security, and the intricacies of AI design and deployment. Students also explore the AI auditing processes and understand the importance […]


Introduction to GitHub Copilot Training

This GitHub Copilot training course teaches attendees how to get the most out of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities of Copilot through prompting and iteration. GitHub Copilot is powered by OpenAI’s language model, which has been trained on a massive dataset of public code repositories. It helps developers write code by suggesting lines and entire […]


Boosting Developer Productivity with AI Training

This AI training gives attendees a technical introduction to large language models (LLMs) and teaches them how to increase productivity with various AI tools, including ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot. In this Boosting Developer Productivity with AI course, participants learn how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their efficiency, creativity, and problem-solving across diverse domains. […]


Hands-On Generative AI Fundamentals and Prompting

This 2-hour micro-session is a follow-on to the Generative AI Fundamentals and Prompting course. This will be instructor-led with 2 full hours of hands-on prompting, tips for improved prompting and problem-solving. Class discussion will be a significant aspect of this class. There will be pre-class suggestions for coming prepared with ideas for applying AI to […]


Generative AI Fundamentals and Prompting

This 2-hour micro-session will begin with foundational terminology followed by introducing participants to Generative AI applications in wide use today. This will be instructor-led with discussion and demonstrations. Topics covered include: Terminology: Machine Learning, Generative AI, Large Language Models; Survey of AI Tools including Text, Image, Multi-modal, coding; AI Capabilities and Use Cases; Prompt Engineering: […]


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