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Leadership and Innovation

Setting Yourself Apart: Being a Contributing Employee

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Setting Yourself Apart: Being a Contributing Employee is a course for first-line and emerging leaders focusing on self-development, personal awareness, and being an impactful contributing member of the organization. Participants gain deeper self-awareness in accountability, interpersonal skills, communication, resilience, and flexibility. With guidance from John G. Miller’s QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, participants learn to be a powerful positive presence, take ownership of their problems, and start working towards solutions. Activities to enhance personal accountability, successful communication, resilience, and creating a growth mindset focus on deep listening, nonverbal and assertive communication, paralinguistics, and fully understanding a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset. The course introduces participants to Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Model as well as the beginning of Steven Covey’s Maturity Continuum that guides an individual’s movement from dependence to independence. In this course, participants learn key attributes and behaviors of being a contributing team member while also increasing their personal awareness about their behavior, communication style, mindset, and how they impact their organization. By gaining a better understanding of interpersonal relationship dynamics and communication styles, participants learn techniques for combining their efforts with others’ for achieving greater success. This course also provides participants with a transformational learning opportunity for leveraging their leadership efficacy by cultivating self-awareness, successful communication skills, positive team interactions, and creating a growth mindset.

Why You Should Take This Course

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand communication principles, mindset inner workings, individual growth opportunities, and their contribution as an emerging leader
  • Recognize the features of different communication styles and how that affects individual and overall team performance
  • Comprehend verbal and nonverbal communication and how to communicate for success through oral, written, and electronic means
  • Increase and practice deep listening skills and the ability to interact with leaders of varying communication styles
  • Break down communication barriers within the team, improve interpersonal communication processes, and foster interaction among team members
  • Learn the importance of personal accountability and how this alone can successfully lead an organization forward
  • Increase personal and organizational effectiveness by taking a more proactive role in building personal responsibility within their team and organization
  • Navigate success in a changing workplace with strategies concentrated on flexibility, resilience, and adaptability skills
  • Identify the basics of “science” of human behavior and mindset including the models from Dweck, Sinek, and Cuddy
  • Grasp simple neuroscience research on how mindset and mindfulness create more productive, flexible, resilient, and satisfied employees
  • Develop a proficient understanding of the fixed vs. growth mindset and how to cultivate a successful mentality
  • Explore strategies and implement techniques for adopting a positive mindset
  • Create a culture of resiliency amongst individuals and teams through application of growth mindset strategies
  • Foster an atmosphere of positivity, accountability, trust, innovation, productivity, and resiliency
  • Build openness, trust, and respect amongst others
  • Foster an innovative team environment of communication, learning, and collaboration
  • Encourage the free flow of ideas, shared learning, and new personal awareness
Is there a discount available for current students?

UMBC students and alumni, as well as students who have previously taken a public training course with UMBC Training Centers are eligible for a 10% discount, capped at $250. Please provide a copy of your UMBC student ID or an unofficial transcript or the name of the UMBC Training Centers course you have completed. Asynchronous courses are excluded from this offer.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Student will receive a refund of paid registration fees only if UMBC Training Centers receives a notice of cancellation at least 10 business days prior to the class start date for classes or the exam date for exams.

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