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U.S. News named Software Development as the #1 Job of 2023 but does this mean it is the career for you?

We break down the pros and cons of a career in Software Development so you can decide if this is the #1 job choice for you.

Pros of a Software Development Career

The top perk of building a career in Software Development is the high pay and number of job openings. Indeed reports the average salary of a Software Engineer is $109,607. Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics reports the employment growth for Software Developers to be on a 21% increase, much higher than average.

Software Developers also benefit from the flexible nature of their work. In most cases, Software Developers only need a reliable internet connection and computer to complete their day-to-day tasks. This often translates into work from home or work from anywhere options. Many Software Developers also gain flexibility in the specific times they work with some regularly working early bird or night owl hours. This flexibility totally depends on your organization and their policies, however, the opportunities for such schedules are much more prevalent among Software Developers than other occupations.

If you crave an opportunity for creative work or even to work independently as a freelancer, then the Software Development field may be an ideal choice for you. While you may not have the creative freedom of an artist or musician, Software Developers still need to showcase creativity in the websites and applications they design and build. If you want the opportunity to choose projects that inspire you, then using your skills as a freelance Web Developer or Application Developer can help you achieve that goal.

5 Benefits Of A Job In Software Development

To recap here are our top 5 pros of working in Software Development:

  1. High pay
  2. High employment outlook
  3. Flexible work environment
  4. Opportunity for creative work
  5. Opportunity to use your skills as a freelancer

Average Salary Of A Software Developer

Interested in Software Development?

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Cons of a Software Development Career

No matter what job you have, there will be downsides and the same is true for a career in Software Development. The most cited downside of the field is the overwhelming amount of work you will be faced with completing. Remember, high job demand can only be supported when there is a high demand of work and that is truly the case with Software Developers. As a Software Developer, you should expect to work erratic hours and consistent overtime to meet schedule demands. You may also be expected to juggle several time-intensive projects at once and be on-call in the event something breaks in your code.

You will also never stop learning. While we would argue that no one should ever stop learning in their fields, this is especially true for Software Developers. New languages and tools are constantly coming out and being at the top of your game is imperative to earning the high dollar and stable jobs you seek. Similarly, you need to advocate for yourself and your own professional advancement. Often times you will be a team of one or a few and you may not have a supervisor that is a Software Developer, this means you won’t necessarily gain direction for how to grow. You will either need to find a mentor or a community of Software Developers that will help you navigate a continual path forward.

Software Developers often need to explain what they do to non-tech people. This can be especially frustrating when you are trying to explain why a task may take longer than a customer would anticipate or you need additional budget to finish a project to scope and on-time. You can’t rely on your technical lexicon to win the case and you can’t revert to repeating the same generic issues, so you need to get creative with your language and defense tactics. The communication and interpersonal skills required for this are often a struggle for many talented Software Developers to hone.

5 Drawbacks Of A Job In Software Development

To recap here are our top 5 cons of working in Software Development:

  1. Juggling an overwhelming amount of projects
  2. Working consistent overtime and non-traditional business hours such as nights, weekends and holidays
  3. Constant demand to refresh current skills or up-skill to new technologies
  4. Need to carve your own career path and growth plan
  5. Regular and sometimes frustrating communication with non-technical customers and supervisors

Is A Career In Software Development Right For You?

Despite all of the information we can offer, only you will know if the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to pursuing a Software Development career. If you are still unsure that Software Development is the path for you, our Admissions Team can give you the facts you need to help you make the best decision. Request a call today by submitting the form below!

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