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Our dynamic and professional group takes a consultative approach to supporting the individual, team, and organizational challenges facing the ecosystem of the modern workplace. We leverage a system science approach as we strive first to understand root cause and then co-create and design solutions that cultivate a growth mindset culture throughout your organization.

  • Benefits

      For Organizations

    At the Center for Leadership and Innovation, it’s always about the team. And what we can do for your team will affect your entire organization.

    Our focus is on the cascading impact that leadership has on the team and ultimately on the customer. We believe the vast majority of team and customer experience challenges begin and end with leadership. We are known for creating comprehensive development programs focusing and aligning leadership around a shared sense of purpose and shared values. We support leaders in harnessing, promoting, and diffusing intentional leadership practices to cultivate competitive advantage, catalyze cultural change, and drive organizational performance.

      For Individuals

    We’re experts at empowering each and every employee we work with. After all, a team isn’t a team without its members.

    At the Center for Leadership and Innovation, we teach effective communication techniques so you can build and sustain every business relationship. We’ll help you align personal and career goals and ensure you’re following a career path you can call your own. You’ll be more valuable than ever when you gain a rich perspective, understand how your role affects everyone in your organization, and make your personal brand apparent.

      For Organizational Development

    Lowering costs per hire. Preserving a competitive talent pool. Decreasing turnover rates. Our training solutions were built for all of this and more.

    The role you play in your organization is important. The value you bring is even more important. We can help define and increase employee engagement, build career advancement strategies, and build a competency model that drives effective leadership behavior. The end result: A culture every employee wants to be a part of and make better.

  • Action Learning
    We use a highly interactive, highly empowering action-learning method. This enables leaders to demonstrate skills they’ve learned through real-world, hands-on activities.


    Ten percent of CLI training is classroom learning. Discussing what you learned in the classroom with your peers is 20 percent of CLI training. The remaining 70 percent is spent applying what you learned to your daily job responsibilities.

  • Consultants

    Expert consultants

    Not only are our consultants real-world tested—most have earned advanced degrees in leadership, organizational development, or executive coaching. It’s their passion to challenge, guide, and work alongside leaders as well as apply their experience daily.

    Marc Kolp, M.A.O.M

    Director, Center for Leadership and Innovation

    Senior Facilitator, Organizational Development Consultant, Executive Coach

    Gib Mason, CPA, MSOD

    Founder, Center for Leadership and Innovation

    Senior Facilitator, Organizational Development Consultant, Executive Coach

    Julie Reisler, MA, ACC

    Senior Facilitator, Senior Consultant, Professional Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

    Rick Milter, Ph.D.

    Senior Facilitator, Senior Consultant, Executive Coach

    Angie Dabbs, PCC

    Senior Facilitator, Senior Consultant, Professional Coach

    Shawn Wolf, DSL

    Senior Facilitator, Organizational Development Consultant, Executive Coach

    Rick Hammond, PMP

    Senior Facilitator, Senior Consultant

    John Egan

    Senior Facilitator, Senior Consultant, Professional Coach

    Robert Kennedy III

    Senior Facilitator, Senior Consultant

    George Everly

    Senior Facilitator, Senior Consultant

    Barry Kohn, PMP, SA, CSM

    Senior Facilitator, Senior Consultant

    Tushar Rathod, MBA, PMP, CSM

    Senior Facilitator, Senior Consultant

    Vincent High

    Senior Facilitator, Senior Consultant

  • Customization

    After fully understanding your organization, we’ll develop your tailored learning pathway. We’ll map out a plan—based on a time frame that works best for your organization—that outlines your next steps and includes the types of training that’ll address your organization’s key needs.

    Customization in action

    Below is an example of a custom pathway we built for a department within a mid-size insurance organization.

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