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You think a career change will make you happier, but you also think is the grass really greener on the other side? I mean there are ups and downs to everything, right?

These doubts are common for folks exploring a career change and, while they certainly speak to some truth, they shouldn’t stop you from at least exploring the possibility of something new.

For most people, a dissatisfaction with their boss, their industry or their specific role fuels the desire for something new. No matter which is the specific cause for you, chances are you will still experience at least one of these 4 signs that a change is the most effective solution.

4 Signs A Career Change Will Make You Happier

1. The Life Is Drained Out Of You

If you consistently feel physically and/or mentally drained, then chances are you need to move on to something new. Signs include:

  • Exhausted even after adequate rest
  • Tension in your shoulders and upper back
  • Increased instances of sickness such as colds
  • Feelings of depression
  • Headaches and trouble concentrating
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Overly anxious

This is not an exhaustive list but it should give you an idea of ways your life may be negatively affected by work. It is also important to note that while you may be able to keep it together during the workday, if you come home and crash at nights and on the weekend then that is also a sign that you’re physically or mentally overexerted.

Finally, if you find yourself backing away from the things you once found enjoyment in (think yoga, happy hours with friends, gardening, taking your kids to the park, etc.), this is another signal of being physically or mentally drained. Your body is trying to tell you it needs help so listen to it!

2. Your Aspirations Are Dwindling

Was there a time you craved learning new things and improving your skills? Do you now feel that skill development is useless in your current job or are you not supported in increasing your skills? Are you not interested in climbing the ladder because your bosses seem even less happy than you?

These are all signs that you are feeling stifled in your current role. While it is totally normal for dreams to change over time, it is not normal for all aspirations to disappear. If you feel your desire to grow being squashed in any way, you need to critically examine what is causing that and how you can overcome it.

3. You Lack Fire And Fight

Were you passionate about your work?

Did you have a fervor to constantly improve your department and organization as a whole?

Is that all gone now?

Instead of fighting, do you simply mumble what’s the point?

If you feel like the organization or industry is content with maintaining the status quo, then the fire that gave inspiration to your work will never be able to grow. It will likely do you good to find a place that let’s you voice and run with ideas, rather than suppress your voice.

4. You Dream About Being Fired

If you have the personality of a S on the DiSC profile, you don’t like to let people down and you will stick with something you hate for a very long time just to avoid that feeling. So an opportunity to get you out of your current situation that doesn’t involve you throwing in the towel can be seen as a relief. There is very little room for doubt that if you have these daydreams, you need a new job.

A friend, who experienced a layoff, recounted the experience as “I first felt shock but it quickly faded into relief and feeling relieved about losing a job is probably a sign that I shouldn’t have been working there in the first place.”

Whether you daydream about being fired or quitting, take it as a sure sign to find something different. This is not a dream people who are happy in their careers ever experience.

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