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These 8 Jobs Allow You To Make A Career Switch Without Taking A Pay Cut

Whether it is a first job out of college or a mid-career switch into a new field, you do not need to sacrifice your income to find work. Today’s high-paying, entry-level positions reside primarily in the tech-related jobs. However, with the right training, you will possess the skills you need to land the job.

1. Data Scientist

According to Indeed, Data Scientists spend their days interpreting significant amounts of raw data. These positions can be found in most industry sectors and they are growing in popularity as more companies turn to a data-focused decision-making approach. Additionally, an entry-level Data Scientist with less than 1 year of experience, can expect an average salary of $103,386.

2. Software Engineer

Software Engineers create the computer programs we use every day. Whether they are building a custom program for a customer to use or they are developing software for the masses, they make technology work they way we need. They also get paid well for their skills. A Software Engineer with less than a year experience, can earn an average of $102,452 [Indeed].

3. Product Manager

Product Managers drive the designs of new product developments. Their market research and customer-facing skills are needed across industries but are prevalent in the tech industry. Product Managers with less than a year experience earn an average of $83,849 according to Glassdoor.

4. Product Designer

Product Designers use their creative skills to design entirely new products or improve on existing products. Products can range from technology devices to office furniture. According to Glassdoor, Product Designers with 0-1 years of experience can expect an average salary of $71,518.

5. Data Analyst

A Data Analyst gathers data and converts it into meaningful interpretations. Data Analysts often use programming skills to crunch data at faster rates. Similar to Data Scientists, Data Analysts are in demand across many industries. They may also go by different titles depending on the industry they work in, such as Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Healthcare Analyst, etc). Entry-level, Data Analysts earn an average of $70,958/year.

6. UX Designer

User Experience (UX) Designers work on digital products to improve the experience for the end user. Work can be design related (changing button colors, font, etc) or functionality related. Like most of these jobs, UX Designers are demanded across industries an they earn an average entry-level salary of $70,171.

7. Web Developer

Web Developers build the websites you know and love. They leverage programs such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript to create sites to their clients specifications. Even with less than a year of experience, Web Developers can still expect to earn $69,790 annually.

8. Software Developer

Software Developers design software and then use programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, etc. to develop the code necessary to run those programs. Entry-level, Software Developers earn an average of $66,372, according to Glassdoor.

Average Salary Of A Software Developer

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