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5 Most Recent Software Developer Interview Questions Posted to Glassdoor

If you are preparing to interview for a software developer role, you may want to review some common questions other aspiring software developers are asked. Glassdoor users have posted a lot of useful information about some questions to expect in an interview and we have compiled them below: 

  1. How Do You Handle Disagreements With Other Employees? 
  2. What Is Your Experience With ReactJS?
  3. Write A Java Program To Reverse A String
  4. What Is JavaScript, Inheritance, etc?
  5. Whiteboard An Illustration Of  A Project Your Worked On

Keep reading to learn our recommendations for how to prepare for each question, what the interviewer is really trying to learn about you and ultimately what a winning answer looks like. 

1. How Do You Handle Disagreements With Other Employees? 

This is a common question posted by a number of users who interviewed for a software developer role at a variety of companies. In fact, this is a common interview question for just about any job. It has nothing to do with your skills as a software developer but your answer helps interviewers understand your communication style and skills.

We recommend answering this question with a scenario of a time you were in a disagreement and you handled it very well. Use this question as an opportunity to paint a picture of yourself in a moment of superb communication and empathy with a colleague and how you resolved the dispute. 

2. What Is Your Experience With ReactJS?

This is obviously a very targeted question but any technical question like this should be expected when interviewing for a software developer role. The specific frameworks or languages you will need to know for the role should be listed in the job description relevant to the position so while preparing make sure you can speak to any of those technical details. 

We also recommend answering this question with a scenario. Leverage this opportunity to communicate your knowledge in the topic and couple that with an explanation of a situation where you applied that knowledge. This type of response will provide a lot of confidence to the interviewer in your abilities to perform the functions of the role. 

3. Write A Java Program To Reverse A String

This is a technical question that will require you to physically show your capabilities. Again, this is common for this type of interview and you need to be prepared to put your skills to work. Make sure you practice through some of the required skills listed in the description so you can easily perform these functions while under the pressure of an interview. We recommend working through some samples of these questions with a mentor.

The only way to properly answer this question is to perform the task and be prepared to answer any questions about why you performed specific actions in the order you did.

4. What Is JavaScript, Inheritance, etc? 

These are common questions for an entry level software developer position. The interviewer knows you do not have extensive project-based experience to answer situational questions so questions like these test knowledge and understanding. These questions will typically be followed by a test of that knowledge, similar to question 3 above.  

Again, answering the question to show your knowledge and understanding of the topic area is the best response. To prepare, review the job requirements and refresh your knowledge of the topic areas listed and practice similar “what is” responses to each of those topic areas. 

5. Whiteboard An Illustration Of  A Project You Worked On

This question is not only meant to showcase a project of yours but it is testing how you can logically illustrate your process and walk someone through it, as you would with a customer. Our advice for this question is to practice illustrating the projects you reference in your resume or CV. Additionally, practice presenting your solution as you illustrate. 

The best form to follow when answering this question is: 

  1. Describe the problem the customer had with an emphasis on why it was a problem. For example, instead of saying they weren’t getting enough traffic to their site, try saying they rely on quality leads to drive revenue for their business but the current site architecture was outdated and not supporting the latest search optimization tactics so the leads they depend on weren’t able to find them. 
  2. With this problem in mind, sketch out how you researched the areas that needed to be fixed and how you determined that. This is the time to flex your technical knowledge and research abilities. 
  3. Draw out your proposed solution and then explain how you presented it to your customer. Your reenactment of your presentation should include how you painted the problem to them, explained it in terms they understood and connected with and earned the buy-in you needed. 
  4. Describe the management of the project and any obstacles you overcame successfully during it. 
  5. Wrap-up the question with how the project launched and any positive feedback you received from the customer about how it solved their original problem. 

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