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When deciding on where to get your EC-Council CEH training, there are 2 important factors you need to consider regarding your learning style and goals:

  1. Why do you need CEH training?
  2. How do you learn best?

This guide will help you examine each of these questions critically and provide you direction on how to evaluate a training center for each scenario.

1. Why Do You Need CEH Training?

Before we can dive into how to choose a CEH training center, you need to understand why you want to enroll in a CEH training course to begin with:

If you need your CEH certification to apply for a new job or you need CEH exam-focused training that relates back to the domains of another certification you need to renew, then choosing a training center that offers a CEH bootcamp or exam prep course will typically be the right direction for you. These courses are geared specifically to helping you pass your certification exam. As a result, the content focuses heavily on test prep and practice exams. This type of CEH training also assumes you have some experience in the field which would allow you to concentrate heavily on the exam prep material and still understand the foundations of the domains to pass your exam.

It is important to note: If you are pursuing your CEH certification, training from an EC-Council authorized training center, such as UMBC Training Centers, is often required to sit for the exam.

If you need CEH training to acquire specific hacking skills to use on the job, a bootcamp may or may not make sense for your needs. If you have a list of skills you are hoping to acquire throughout the class and you have a preferred training center that offers the CEH bootcamp, ask a Training Consultant if those skills are covered in depth throughout the course. If they are, then a bootcamp may still be a great fit for you, if they aren’t, then here are a few options to getting the unique class you need:

  • If you have other teammates who need the training, the best solution is to find a training center that offers custom cybersecurity courses to develop a best fit course for your team. This may be a more expensive option but it will provide you the concentrated training you need to positively impact your job performance.
  • Some training centers that have in-house teams of content developers and subject matter experts, may offer programs that will help you achieve the skills you need. These programs may be longer in length and may not include the term CEH in them but will provide you the skills-based training you need. For instance, our Certified Cybersecurity Analyst program provides hands-on training in many of the CEH skills areas but does not mention the CEH certification specifically. The best way to find a skills-based training course is to ask a training consultant which courses they offer to meet your goals.

Need Help Determining The Best Course For Your Career?

Join us for a free information session with our Admissions Team! These sessions address our workforce programs and provide an opportunity for specific career and course questions to be addressed by our team.

2. How Do You Learn Best?

Now that you understand the type of course you need, now you need to make sure it is a delivered in a format that is most conducive to your learning style. People tend to fall into four modalities of learning:

  1. Visual Learners
  2. Auditory Learners
  3. Reading/Writing Learners
  4. Kinesthetic Learners

Visual learners best learn through visual representations of data such as charts and diagrams. They also tend to excel when the data presented provides a whole picture view vs a linear progression of information.

Auditory learners best learn when they hear information presented and can talk through information either in breakout groups or 1:1 with an instructor.

Visual and auditory learners typically perform well in instructor-led classes which often combine PowerPoints of data in a visual format combined with lecture and discussion.

Reading/writing learners benefit from note-taking and reading course texts and other supporting documents. These learners typically perform well in a self-paced environment but can also thrive in a traditional classroom environment.

The final type, kinesthetic learners, learn best in a hands-on training environment where they can learn through doing. As mentioned above, a traditional certification bootcamp, whether it is instructor-led or self-paced, will likely not be the best fit for a kinesthetic learner but a custom skills-based course or training with an extensive practical component would be ideal.

Request The CEH Training Class That Is Best For You!

Now that you have a better understanding of the type of CEH training you need, you can register for the right class. Request class dates for EC-Council CEH, Certified Cybersecurity Analyst or a private training event for your team using the form below:

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