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Gathering and Documenting Requirements with Use-Cases

Learn best practices for gathering and documenting user requirements based on the use-case approach. Over the course of a case-study project, trainees gain experience facilitating requirements-gathering workshops and creating textual use-case documentation with supporting diagrams. The course covers what the Business Analyst needs to know to plan and execute each requirements gathering session as the […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Principles of Systems Engineering

This course teaches the fundamental principles of Systems. The course contextualizes the various Organizational, Project and Technical processes that are necessary to realize a “System-of-Interest”. The course utilizes the INCOSE SE Handbook as well as Case Study discussions. The course provides a good foundation for those individuals who wish to pursue the INCOSE Systems Engineering […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Decision and Risk Analysis

This course provides an overview of decision and risk analysis techniques. It focuses on how to make rational decisions in the presence of uncertainty and conflicting objectives. Concepts will be illustrated through case studies and practiced by students through exercises.

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Creating and Presenting an Effective Business Case

Today’s economic environment demands that organizations use all resources to the utmost effectiveness in order to meet organizational goals. Often, however, professionals are ill-equipped to respond in ways that management understands. This workshop addresses that requirement. In this course students will learn to develop and deliver a business case for project initiatives, and to do […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Communication and Facilitation

Business analysts have the responsibility to gather, analyze, and validate business and technical requirements for their projects, thus they need communication and facilitation skills to manage requirements meetings and workshops. In this highly interactive course, participants will gain the skills to be an effective facilitator, one who can help stakeholders define their needs and form […]

Leadership and Innovation

Capturing System Requirements

This course prepares the student to properly identify, define and confirm the customer’s true requirements when they are needed – prior to the design and development of the system. The key to every project’s success, accurately captured requirements are not only essential for meeting stakeholders’ expectations, but also to avoid costly delays, added cost for […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Systems Testing and Quality Assurance

It should be a goal of every system development project to deliver a system free of defects, on time and in a cost-effective manner.  This course is designed to give students the practical skills and the specific techniques to build the zero defect concept into their methods of building and maintaining systems.  The primary emphasis […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

Business Process Management (BPM) Foundations

This 3-day workshop explores the world of Business Process Management (BPM), providing students with a firm foundation in BPM principles, drivers, methodologies, and common practices. BPM is examined as an overarching initiative aimed at transforming organizations through process improvement and organizational alignment. The three pillars of successful BPM – people, process, and technology – will […]

Systems Analysis & Systems Engineering

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