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Penetration Testing Methodology


Penetration Testing Methodology was developed to provide students with a comprehensive hands-on exposure to the processes, tools and procedures used by penetration testers. This course teaches students concepts and methods involved in targeting, infiltrating and expanding access within networks. The course allows students to understand the attacker mindset and learn how to simulate a real-world attacker’s thoughts and actions, all for the purpose of helping to improve the security posture of the organizations they support.

Penetration Testing Methodology includes significant amounts of hands-on practical application of skills learned. Students are introduced to topics and concepts through lectures then given a series of lab exercises to reinforce that learning and build skill. Students must exercise the penetration testing methodology, process and analyze collected data, and develop the necessary tradecraft and stealth in order to successfully complete the goals of the course.


  • Open source information gathering
  • Legal issues of penetration testing
  • Tradecraft
  • Sources of interesting information
  • Footprinting, scanning and enumeration
  • Fingerprinting
  • Vulnerability information
  • Exploiting hosts/devices
  • Situational Awareness
  • Log manipulation
  • Implants
  • Pivoting and redirection
  • Data exfiltration
  • Trusted networks
  • Passwords, reuse and cracking
  • Public-facing networks vs. intranets
  • Armitage
  • Keyloggers and sniffers
  • Anonymity


Students attending the course should have a strong understanding of how data traverses a network, basic UNIX and Windows competency, and comfort working from the command line.


5 days

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