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Ruby Programming

This course covers the fundamental components of the Ruby Programming Language. Emphasis is placed on the object oriented aspects of Ruby. Topics include arrays, hashes, regular expressions, io, exceptions, modules, and applications areas.


C++ Programming

This course is an introduction to the C++ programming language. Emphasis is placed on best, current practices and methods. Students will write extensive code as part of the course.


Secure Programming Best Practices

The primary objective of this course is to teach professional computer programmers about the common methods used by hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in computer programs, and how to program defensively to avoid introducing such vulnerabilities into their own programs. CLASS FORMAT AND SCHEDULE This is a self-paced, instructor-mentored course. Students access the course lessons through […]


Software Engineering and Secure Coding

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts of software engineering including the software lifecycle. Emphasis is placed on the requirements – design – implementation phases of the lifecycle.  Students will use various software development tools and exposed to software development methodologies including waterfall and agile. Best practices in software design and implementation with a view […]


Web Services using C# and ASP.NET

This course provides a realistic, hands-on, comprehensive coverage of developing Web services using ASP.NET and C#. Web services are an evolving series of standards that enable programs on various computers to communicate with other programs on similar or disparate computers transparently over the Internet. This course teaches in detail the skills needed to program Web […]


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