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Mobile-enabled web applications are important for modern websites. Therefore, today’s websites require deeper technical knowledge to produce a more interactive experience. To accomplish this, we need the new features that HTML5 and CSS3 have to offer. This course will teach basic web concepts alongside modern HTML5 tools starting with the very first lecture, making it […]


Network Programming In C

This course trains students to write networked software, services, and tools. This course is suitable for students who have some command of the C language, some Python experience, and wish to write networked software.


Operating Systems

This course trains students to understand and programmatically utilize the resources of an Operating System to build larger programs. This course is suitable for students who have some knowledge of the C language and wish to become stronger software developers.


Data Structures and Algorithms II

This course expands students’ knowledge of standard data structures and their algorithms. It is suitable for students who have some knowledge of C syntax and have completed Data Structures and Algorithms I. The course prepares students to design and implement more complex software modules.


Data Structures and Algorithms I

This course introduces students to standard data structures and algorithms. It is suitable for students who have some knowledge of C syntax, yet have little or no training in software architecture and development. The course prepares students to design and implement software modules.


Windows Forms Using C#

This course provides a practical, hands-on introduction to GUI development using Windows Forms and C#. The course introduces database programming in Windows, including use of Language Integrated Query (LINQ). The course covers powerful newer Windows Forms features, such as controls, data binding, and ClickOnce deployment for creating smart client applications. It covers interoperability with the […]


Spring Developer

In this course, students will learn about important key concepts, such as dependency injection and inversion of control which are used throughout the Spring Framework. Within the Spring Framework, the student will have the option of using the traditional XML configuration or the new Java-based configuration. We show step-by-step how to configure Spring Beans using […]


Python Programming

This course introduces the Python language to students that have some prior experience in programming but want to gain a specific expertise in Python. This course will cover the critical language components such as Python types, control flow, looping constructs, working with Python collections, functions, file I/O and modules. Some more advanced topics include regular […]


Perl Programming

This course teaches both the programming interface and the techniques that can be used to write scripts and applications in Perl. This course also covers advanced concepts and capabilities, including object-oriented features, file and network I/O, and database interfaces. Upon completion, students will be able to use Perl techniques and commands to write scripts to […]


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