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Setting Yourself Apart: Being a Contributing Employee

Setting Yourself Apart: Being a Contributing Employee is a course for first-line and emerging leaders focusing on self-development, personal awareness, and being an impactful contributing member of the organization. Participants gain deeper self-awareness in accountability, interpersonal skills, communication, resilience, and flexibility. With guidance from John G. Miller’s QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, participants learn […]

Leadership and Innovation

Psychological Body Armor™: Developing Personal and Professional Resilience

It is generally accepted that in the wake of crises, traumas, even disasters, roughly two out of every three individuals seemingly are incapable of functioning effectively, at least temporarily; however, a unique minority of individuals appear capable of quickly adjusting. This minority possesses some form of “immunity” to things that greatly distress others, or at […]

Leadership and Innovation

Providing Effective Feedback

Participants will learn to provide feedback that is designed to help improve performance, while preserving the self-esteem and confidence of the recipient. Through experiential exercises, group discussions, and role plays, participants will learn the importance of creating a safe space in which both the manager and the employee are open to hearing what the other […]

Leadership and Innovation

Problem Finding: A Project Management Perspective

Leaders with problem solving skills are crucial for maintaining an effective organization. The capacity for fixing problems with teamwork and efficiency is a highly valued and useful ability. While organizations tend to hire those with effective problem-solving skills, problem finding abilities are often overlooked and underrepresented. Often, uncovering a problem is the hardest and most […]

Leadership and Innovation

Negotiation Principles

Being in a leadership role often requires an individual’s negotiation with a wide range of potential parties, from members of their own team to individuals leading teams in other organizations. Similar to conflict, the capability of using a combination of influence and persuasion along with a variety of negotiation tools effectively greatly enhances a leader’s […]

Leadership and Innovation

Navigating Critical Conversations in the Workplace

Disagreements and high-stake conversations occur frequently in today’s business environment and require effective handling for achieving desired outcomes. When stuck in a sticky situation, an individual must courageously speak up in critical moments for influencing the outcomes. Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, and Switzler’s Crucial Conversations compiles their 25 years of research on how to handle critical […]

Leadership and Innovation

Motivating and Influencing Others to Act

Leadership is an organization’s most critical competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive global environment. This practical and results-oriented course explains the many aspects of both leadership and motivation, as well as demonstrates their relation to one another. An individual can learn skills for motivating and influencing others and while some individuals possess a more ‘natural’ […]

Leadership and Innovation

Mastering Conflict

Teams that are lacking on trust are incapable of engaging in unfiltered, passionate debate about key issues, causing situations where team conflict can easily turn into veiled discussions and back channel comments. In a work setting where team members do not openly air their opinions, inferior decisions are the result. The desire to preserve artificial […]

Leadership and Innovation

Managing Multiple Projects and Priorities

Most, if not all of us, feel the pressures of daily living. Those combinations of our professional and personal life that make us feel as if there are not enough hours in the day. We are well aware of the fact that there are always 24 of them each day and it is we who […]

Leadership and Innovation

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