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Team Leadership

Effective team leadership is critical to the overall success of any project or initiative. For successfully leading teams, team leaders cannot afford simply learning on the job as they go; this is not a sink or swim situation. The learning curve is excessively steep for simply learning on one’s own, and the consequences of poor […]

Leadership and Innovation

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is a process that develops unique opportunities for discovering novel, imaginative strategies through provocative dialogue that encourages the envisioning of potential futures significantly different from the present with the aim of fulfilling the mission of the organization. By considering the expected outcome, preferred outcome, and alternative outcomes in the planning stage, leaders become […]

Leadership and Innovation

Strategic Management

Individuals in leadership roles see the future and create strategies for successfully moving an organization forward into the future. They then communicate these strategies in a way that excites and inspires others. The work and execution of making these strategies a reality, however, remains. This course focuses on the interplay between strategic thinking and project […]

Leadership and Innovation

Situational Leadership and the Leadership Continuum

The phrase “being a leader” is often plagued by the misconception of there being only one type of leader, that an individual is either this type of leader or another. On the contrary, multiple leadership styles exist that a leader can employ and are suited for various settings and teams. Transactional leaders act as passive […]

Leadership and Innovation

Setting Yourself Apart: Being a Contributing Employee

Setting Yourself Apart: Being a Contributing Employee is a course for first-line and emerging leaders focusing on self-development, personal awareness, and being an impactful contributing member of the organization. Participants gain deeper self-awareness in accountability, interpersonal skills, communication, resilience, and flexibility. With guidance from John G. Miller’s QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, participants learn […]

Leadership and Innovation

Psychological Body Armor™: Developing Personal and Professional Resilience

It is generally accepted that in the wake of crises, traumas, even disasters, roughly two out of every three individuals seemingly are incapable of functioning effectively, at least temporarily; however, a unique minority of individuals appear capable of quickly adjusting. This minority possesses some form of “immunity” to things that greatly distress others, or at […]

Leadership and Innovation

Providing Effective Feedback

Participants will learn to provide feedback that is designed to help improve performance, while preserving the self-esteem and confidence of the recipient. Through experiential exercises, group discussions, and role plays, participants will learn the importance of creating a safe space in which both the manager and the employee are open to hearing what the other […]

Leadership and Innovation

Problem Finding: A Project Management Perspective

Leaders with problem solving skills are crucial for maintaining an effective organization. The capacity for fixing problems with teamwork and efficiency is a highly valued and useful ability. While organizations tend to hire those with effective problem-solving skills, problem finding abilities are often overlooked and underrepresented. Often, uncovering a problem is the hardest and most […]

Leadership and Innovation

Negotiation Principles

Being in a leadership role often requires an individual’s negotiation with a wide range of potential parties, from members of their own team to individuals leading teams in other organizations. Similar to conflict, the capability of using a combination of influence and persuasion along with a variety of negotiation tools effectively greatly enhances a leader’s […]

Leadership and Innovation

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