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Management Skills for New Supervisors

Today’s strong first-time supervisors can act and react positively in virtually any situation and can always balance their concerns for productivity against their concerns for people. For an individual new to a supervisory role, if they can learn and master the skills of management, then the benefits accrue in the form of productive employees, strong […]

Leadership and Innovation

Leveraging Intrapreneurs in Your Organization

Intrapreneurship, a new phenomenon found in successful organizations, borrows from the principles of entrepreneurship and applies them within an individual’s own organization. As such, intrapreneurs spearhead new programs, products, services, and innovations for improving on issues they see in the organization and opportunities that remain unrealized. In this way, intrapreneurs use an entrepreneurial spirit for […]

Leadership and Innovation

Lean Leadership

Due to human capital and resource restraints felt by organizations across almost all industries, the concepts of lean have become commonplace in the practices of most organizations. Lean concepts seek the maximization of customer value while simultaneously minimizing waste; however, the implementation of these concepts requires strong leadership for facilitating and driving the lean improvements. […]

Leadership and Innovation

Leading with the “Right” Mind

During the last few decades, individuals naturally competent in logical and linear thinking were in high demand and found great success. However, the computational thinking of the Information Age is quickly becoming secondary to the inventive and empathic thinking of the Conceptual Age. As this emerging age affects our economy and society more and more, […]

Leadership and Innovation

Leading Virtual Teams

Today’s organizational landscape has shifted and the global economy has prompted businesses to change how they work. Business leaders must now embrace tele-work and virtual teaming as an essential way for doing business. As such, we must reframe our thinking about technology as not just a tool for communication, but also as a tool to […]

Leadership and Innovation

Leading Others

Leading Others is a course for new leaders. This course provides participants with the knowledge and behavioral competencies to embrace their role as a new leader with confidence and effectiveness. Learners gain expert knowledge of the components of high performing teams, and how to nurture them. The course uses John C. Maxwell’s Five Levels of […]

Leadership and Innovation

Leading Organizations and Programs

Leading Organizations and Programs is a course for managers and directors which provides the knowledge and tools necessary to develop processes that support an organization’s or program’s strategic initiatives. Topics of consideration include the ability to develop appropriate responses to needed organizational change and lead change efforts via a process of envisioning, enabling, and energizing […]

Leadership and Innovation

Leading from the Front, Middle, and Behind

Leading from the Front, Middle, and Behind is a course for first-line and emerging leaders which focuses on the individual’s movement from independence (being solely an individual contributor) toward enlightened thinking on interdependence (being a team member or team leader). Participants gain experience with Steven Covey’s Maturity Continuum and gain deeper self-awareness through exposure to […]

Leadership and Innovation

Leading and Managing High-Performing Project Teams

Effective project team leadership is critical to the overall success of a project or initiative. For successfully leading project teams, team leaders cannot afford simply learning on the job as they go; this is not a sink or swim situation. The learning curve is excessively steep for simply learning on an individual’s own, and the […]

Leadership and Innovation

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