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Leadership Lessons

In an environment of quick-fix solutions to complex issues and most quandaries in leadership being met only with vague, general advice, there is a real need for training tailored to individuals and organizations. This is a customizable and conversational course, providing participants with access to an experienced and actively practicing business leader as the instructor. […]

Leadership and Innovation

Leadership and Communication

Today’s strong leaders act and react positively in virtually any situation and can always balance their concerns for productivity against their concerns for people. For an individual in a leadership role, if they can learn and master the skills of management, then the benefits accrue in the form of productive employees, strong teams, and quality […]

Leadership and Innovation

Leaders Growing Leaders

Leaders Growing Leaders is a course designed to advance the leadership development capabilities of mid-level or advanced level leaders. It addresses how personal change and development are critical components as a leader develops future leaders. The course introduces two key capabilities, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Crucial Conversations, and places the participants in the challenging role […]

Leadership and Innovation

Leader is Coach

We believe that all leaders “show-up” more effectively, have greater influence with those around them, and have a more significant cascading leadership impact if they harness, promote, and diffuse a coaching mindset always. Leader AS Coach could suggest being a coach is simply one of the “hats” a leader wears; whereas, we typically use the […]

Leadership and Innovation

Judgment and Decision Making

An organization’s success depends largely upon its leaders’ capacity for making strong and informed judgments. However, many leaders often rely on previously established patterns and habits (the precedent) when making a decision without considering all available information. It is hard work to consistently apply conscientious judgment and decision-making skills, but this is the hallmark of […]

Leadership and Innovation

Innovation Models: Fail Fast or Succeed

Many would identify failure as an undesirable outcome of an initiative. However, an innovative organization expects failure much more frequently than success. Innovative failure is only negative when nothing is learned in the process. Although failure is clearly not the objective in any strategic plan, it can provide learning that will help shape future plans […]

Leadership and Innovation

Innovation Ecosystem

Speaking of innovation as taking place within an “ecosystem” suggests the complexity of organically diffusing elements of innovation across an organization. All healthy and growing ecosystems consist of adaptive capabilities and diverse elements working as a whole, much like a healthy organization. To fully harness the idea of innovation, an organization must entirely embrace the […]

Leadership and Innovation

High Impact Leadership

Leaders endeavor to see into the future and create a strategy for an organization. In addition, they can communicate that vision in a way that excites and inspires. What remains to be done, however, is the work of making that strategy a reality; changing the output of strategic thinking into achievements. This course focuses on […]

Leadership and Innovation

Focusing on Results

Team members naturally tend to put their own needs (ego, career development, recognition, etc.) ahead of the collective goals of the team when individuals are not held accountable. If a team has lost sight of the need for achievement, the business ultimately suffers. The pursuit of individual goals and personal status erodes the focus on […]

Leadership and Innovation

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