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Attitude for Innovation

For an organization to harness its capacity for innovation, it is crucial to instill an attitude in its team members that promotes an innovative environment. Once this attitude is in place, the next step is to promote constructive communication among those committed innovative thinking. Innovation is no longer two technology geniuses in their basement developing […]

Leadership and Innovation

Aspiring Leaders

Aspiring Leaders is a course for emerging leaders and those interested in exploring their leadership potential. In many organizations, people are thrust into positions of leadership or are given specific titles; however, they are often placed without the training that can equip them effectively to lead from their strengths. The result is poorly defined vision, […]

Leadership and Innovation

Applying Your Imagination: Creative Problem Solving

With the rapid pace of today’s business environment, taking advantage of opportunities requires constantly hunting for new and innovative solutions to the challenges facing an organization. This course provides precisely the skills needed for innovating in a fast-paced world. Participants learn the creative problem solving process, which helps them recognize opportunities for improving performance, choose […]

Leadership and Innovation

Achieving Commitment

Without conflict, it is difficult for team members to commit to decisions, creating an environment where ambiguity prevails. Lack of direction and commitment can make employees, particularly star employees, disgruntled. The lack of clarity or buy-in prevents team members from making decisions they will stick to. A cohesive team’s members understand that they must be […]

Leadership and Innovation

Professional Writing Skills

Organizations of today require effective communication skills by individuals regardless of level or role. Just naming a few, individuals must compose a variety of written documents: white papers, staff summary sheets, memorandums, e-mails, trip descriptions, justifications for attending training, meeting invitations and notes, after-action reports, purchase requests, incident reports, resumes, and self-assessments for annual performance […]

Leadership and Innovation

One Leadership, One Voice (OLOV)

Did you hear about this concept at one of our online seminars? While we integrate this concept in many of our lectures, this is the full course that takes a deep dive into One Leadership, One Voice. In recent years, Patrick Lencioni’s The Advantage, which contends that an organization’s health is a greater competitive advantage […]

Leadership and Innovation

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Workshop

Whether in a leadership, managerial, or supporting role in the workplace, developing and maintaining relationships is pivotal for an individual’s achievement of organizational success. Establishing and maintaining positive relationships within an organization enables and encourages more effective and efficient working together by its employees. This course examines personality styles through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) […]

Leadership and Innovation

Managing Performance

The capability of setting goals and objectives among respective direct reports that cohere with an organization’s overall strategic initiatives is critical for leaders at every level. Leaders must ensure their team strives to meet these goals and objectives, ultimately contributing to the growth of shareholder value. Therefore, holding direct reports accountable for delivering their responsibilities […]

Leadership and Innovation

Managing Ambiguity

Organizations often develop business plans and strategies for mapping out future expectations and goals. These maps typically take the form of a linear progression, with each step following neatly from the one previous with no interruption. However, as further steps are pursued, there are nearly always several unexpected factors that come into play and alter […]

Leadership and Innovation

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