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Flexing Your Leadership Style 101 and 202

Flexing Your Leadership Style is a course designed to help participants recognize and develop their unique leadership styles. In this course, participants complete a self-assessment to identify their preferred leadership style and explore the strengths and potential disadvantages of each style. Through a variety of exercises and refection activities, participants deepen their understanding of self […]

Leadership and Innovation

Facilitative Leadership

Individuals in leadership roles know the importance of collaboration during meetings. Groups must solve problems, innovate, make decisions and action plans, and ultimately achieve consensus to be effective. They also know that many groups find these meetings frustrating, costly, and often a waste of time. Facilitation adds another dimension to the new face of leadership. […]

Leadership and Innovation

Engaging, Encouraging, and Challenging: Innovating Across the Organization

For successfully harnessing and promoting an innovation mindset across all levels of an organization, a switch in the organization’s culture is necessary for accommodating a free flow of new ideas. An organization’s change agents can facilitate the diffusion of this innovation mindset by consistently engaging with others, encouraging their sharing of new ideas and thinking, […]

Leadership and Innovation

Empathetic Listening

Empathetic listening is the ability to hear both the idea conveyed by another’s words and the emotional tones being expressed and taking each equally into account. Recognizing when a teammate is upset, discouraged, or excited allows a leader to communicate more effectively, responding appropriately to the other’s state. Responding well to the emotions of others […]

Leadership and Innovation

Embracing Accountability

When teams do not commit to a clear plan of action, even the most focused and driven individuals hesitate to call their peers on actions and behaviors that may seem counterproductive to the overall good of the team. The need to avoid interpersonal discomfort prevents team members from holding one another accountable. A cohesive team’s […]

Leadership and Innovation

Developing the Skillful Supervisor

Skillful supervision is fundamental for creating and sustaining a healthy and vibrant organizational culture. Organizations cannot afford to haphazardly toss new supervisors into their roles and expect them to learn on the fly; it is simply not a sink or swim situation. The learning curve is incredibly steep with no introduction to a supervising position […]

Leadership and Innovation

Developing High Potential Teams

In the current business culture, nearly all individuals work in team settings. Given this fact, leaders must not only have excellent people skills, but must be able to gauge others’ social ability and group direct reports accordingly. The aptitude of creating effective teams is invaluable for leaders at every level of management, having a direct […]

Leadership and Innovation

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

This course introduces the fundamentals of developing and unlocking the entrepreneurial mindset as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or socialpreneur. The course takes a spirited approach to the creation of a framework for identifying methods that establish and leverage an entrepreneurial mindset. The design of this course is for individuals seeking greater understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset. […]

Leadership and Innovation

Delegating and Coaching

Part of a leader’s role is delegating, coaching, motivating, and empowering others towards success. Delegating and coaching is no longer limited to an individual’s direct reports. Within a learning organization, the barriers restricting who learns from and coaches whom become obsolete. Delegating and coaching does not occur hierarchically, but rather depends on who takes initiative […]

Leadership and Innovation

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